The C Word – Part 2

I’d only every had one surgery in my life; a laparoscopic day surgery to remove dermoid cysts from my ovaries. Have you ever heard of dermoid cysts? Allow me to enlighten you: they’re not normal ovarian cysts which are generally filled with clear fluid. Dermoids are filled with what they describe as “a thick chocolate-brown … More The C Word – Part 2

Hope for the future of Journalism and the integrity of the written word

Journalism and the free press are honorable institutions which I have always revered. I was briefly the editor of my high school newspaper, but was more comfortable in my role as photo editor. I just never felt I had the confrontational chutzpah to get to the truth in a journalistic interview. So I always revered … More Hope for the future of Journalism and the integrity of the written word

Music Heals

Just a short post today, An update, if you will. As you may know, I’ve been distancing myself from social media.  I’ll be writing a very involved piece about that soon. But in the meantime, I just wanted to note that I have been using the excess time, clarity and lack of anxiety (normally caused … More Music Heals

The Case for Space

The Case for Space: how micro-living is killing culture. A few years ago, my husband and I began our search to buy a condo. Both of us are performing artists who dabble in other “real world” jobs to sustain ourselves. We had moved to Vancouver after a decade in NYC, and were watching the housing … More The Case for Space

The Big Purge

Adventures in real life. I left Vancouver on May 29th to help clear out my family home in Minnesota and get it ready for sale. My parents bought the house new in 1984 and it eventually inherited the detrius from my grandparents’ homes as well. Plus, my parents never threw anything away. Broken, cracked, obsolete…it … More The Big Purge