Who Am I, Anyway?

My name is Kyrst but I’m known to many as Burgundy. I’ve been a creative person my entire life, with careers and skills in theatre, music, dance, design, producing, directing, writing, visual arts and more. More than just a triple-threat, I guess I’m a poly-threat. I have a BA degree in Theatre Arts which launched me into a professional career in the performing arts. I’ve danced in a small modern dance company. I’ve had poetry and prose published in small literary journals. I’ve sung and danced for Radio City, Norwegian Cruise Lines and (I gotta admit it) Trump Casinos. I’ve performed musical theatre in Dinner Theatres, Regional Theatres and off-off Broadway theatres. I was a member of AEA and AGVA. Then I wanted more. More creative control. To use more of my poly-threat skills. So I wandered into Burlesque and made a name for myself there as Burgundy Brixx. Performer, costume designer, producer and teacher. Graphic designer and promoter. Speaker of words, maker of fun, dancer of dances, singer of songs. My life has been a creative whirlwind and now I’m on a crusade to combine and refine all I know into the next chapter, the next medium. I’ll be digging up my past as well as sharing my transformation into the next creative phase of my life. I have no idea what it will be.  But I’m inviting you along on what may prove to be a pretty colorful journey.

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