Day One – Dance Residency!

Today was the first day of my artist’s residency. I packed up my computer and yoga mat and headed over to the city’s arts centre. It’s not a dance studio, but a multi-function public arts space and gallery. I put on some of my favorite lush jazz (Jimmy Scott, Etta James, Diana Krall) to fit the rainy day and used the first hour for some much-needed stretching! The next hour was spent creating a stretching curriculum for one of my workshops based on the space and resources available.

Jessica, the facilitator, popped in around 11am to show me the sandwich boards announcing my work (and thereby declaring that I’m NOT just a crazy lady randomly dancing around in here!) placed outside. I was THRILLED to see  how beautiful the summer arts guide and postcards for my residency and workshops turned out. Thanks, Port Coquitlam!


Next I turned to my computer to do a little bit of online research on Chinese and Japanese parasol dance choreography (gorgeous!) and in the midst, I was greeted by a lovely lady inquiring about my program. She is a former ballroom dancer, looking for a place to dance again for her health and soul that is inviting. Of course, that’s exactly what I’m offering, so we had a lovely little chat and I think she’ll return for my classes. Immediately following her, I met a charming woman who was on the original committee for the arts centre when it first was founded several years ago. It was wonderful to hear some of the background on the creation of this lovely space and it filled me with pride to know I am carrying the intent of the building forwards! We talked of dance, music, art and community until suddenly, my residence time for the day was over and we parted ways for the day.

All in all, a wonderful first day that re-inforced my heart, my ideas, and my connection to my local community. I hope this is just the beginning of a meaningful connection with the arts in my city!


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