THE C Word – Part 8

“My Belly” I always wished I had a flat stomach. Be careful what you wish for. It’s funny how words can get stuck in our psyche and limit our potential. I’ve always been thin. My whole life. I was angular and awkward. In school, I was called “geeky” “scrawny” and “scraggly” and “squirrelly” (those being … More THE C Word – Part 8

The C Word – Part 6

About seven days after my first Chemo appointment, my initial side effects had finally subsided. The nausea subsided first and my appetite came back, thank goodness. The cold sensitivity in my throat was finally gone, but the sensitivity in my fingertips only decreased. Now when I touch cold things, my fingers feel like they do … More The C Word – Part 6

The C Word – Part 2

I’d only every had one surgery in my life; a laparoscopic day surgery to remove dermoid cysts from my ovaries. Have you ever heard of dermoid cysts? Allow me to enlighten you: they’re not normal ovarian cysts which are generally filled with clear fluid. Dermoids are filled with what they describe as “a thick chocolate-brown … More The C Word – Part 2